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iDnext is an Israeli based company that specializes in innovative automatic DC and ID systems and solutions for a wide range of applications and industry segments. Established in 1997, iDnext has grown to be a leading supplier of a broad range of products and services for the automatic identification and the fast developing RFID market in Israel. The range of products consists of high quality wireless portable and stationary data collection terminals, robust PDA's, bar code scanners, RFID, readers and encoders, and a wide range of RFID transponders and applications.


Providing a Total Solution


At iDnext we offer a total solution which is tailor-made to our customers needs. This includes requirement analysis, system definition, software development, selection of ID components and system integration. Our professional and dedicated team manages the project development process from the stage of needs definition until the successful implementation of the solution at the customer site. 

Partnership with leading world companies
iDnext conducts business relations with the leading AIDC / RFID companies in the world, among which are companies like

iDnext ltd, 3 Netz st. Ramat-Gan 52586

Tel: 972-3-6120385, Fax: 972-3-6120384

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iDnext ltd, 3 Netz st. Ramat-Gan 52586 Tel: 972-3-6120385, Fax: 972-3-6120384